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Grateful Dead Live at The Matrix on 1968-10-10

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at The Matrix on 1968-10-10

Set 1

It's A Sin
Next Time You See Me Jam
The Rub Jam
Look On Yonder Wall
Jam ->
Turn On Your Lovelight Jam ->
Drums ->
Jam ->
The Other One Jam ->
Jam ->
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Dark Star Jam ->
The Eleven Jam ->
The Seven

Set 2

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue The Matrix
Location San Francisco, CA

Source Soundboard
Lineage See info file
Transferred by See info file


I brought this back home with me from Arizona on a HD last june
and I finally got around to preparing it for CDr

What I have came from a DAT>ZA2>wav>(sound forge for cutting
to track size)>shn

All CD switches come at natural breaks in the sets.
Timings used are very close to those listed below from the
Dead Project but not precisely the same.

The last Jam in Set 2 is complete here and not cut like on the
Dead Project list below.

The sound mix differs from set 1 to set 2: Set 1 has everything
in the left or right channel with just about nothing in the
middle of the sound picture. Whereas in Set 2 Jerry's gitar is moved
to the middle, better balancing things out.

Set 1 had a bit of hiss. I used 'Diamond Cut - Audio Restoration
Tools 32' to remove it. There was a stretch in the beginning
before Jerry starts playing where I could get a good sound sample
of the hiss for the removal.

DAT>ZA2>wav by D. Hollister
Hard disk transport back to Norway, Sound Forge cutting for CDR,
and De-hissing by Konstantin
Re-tracking on sector boundaries by Jeff Hoelter

Know anomalies:
Track 3 Pop at 4:09
Track 6 Glitch at 2:09

Track 4 Sound dropsout at 3:56 for about 600 milliseconds

Track 1: Sound fades at 1:12 2:01 2:31
Sound dropouts at 6:57 split second, 7:27 1 sec, 7:36 2 sec

Following is from the pages of Dead Project:

10/09/68 The Matrix, San Francisco, CA

Set One: (10 songs)

Jam > 7:02
Turn On Your Lovelight Jam > 12:43
Drums > 6:16
Jam (1) > 11:49
The Other One Jam > 5:44
Jam (2) > 4:#05
Death Don't Have No Mercy 7:59
Dark Star Jam > 13:09
The Eleven Jam > 5:51
The Seven 9:36

Set Two: (6 songs)
Jam 27:30
It's A Sin 7:19
Next Time You See Me Jam (3) 7:34
The Rub Jam (3) 4:57
Look On Yonder Wall (3) 3:40
Jam (4) 16:28#

Comments: show billed as "Mickey and the Heartbeats".
Bobby and Pigpen were absent. (1) starts very much like the
post-drums portion of Alligator, and contains a
brief, Spanish Jam-like theme. It also contains many hints of
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks). (2) cut here is
likely quite small. (3) with Paul Butterfield on harmonica.
(4) very similar to New Potato Caboose. My copy cuts at
16:28, but there is clearly more.


Reviewer: njpg - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 14, 2015
Subject: 4
Reviewer: deanriver - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 10, 2014
Subject: date correct?
I notice the date from Deadbase says 10/9/68 at the Matrix whereas the title in says 10/10/68...what gives? This is killer stuff! A rehearsal jam session is always fun to explore.
Reviewer: L. Rosley - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 25, 2009
Subject: “We’re just goofing”
There some awesome Dead in 1968 – this isn't one of them. This pales in comparison to much of 1968, particular January, February, March, and August.

This is not a Dead show -- the Dead were on a break. They had just finished an awesome tour and were now in town recording Aoxomoxoa and regrouping. There were Dead shows the following week, but in town.
At the end of track 1 (miller) Garcia says apologetically “We just playing here. We’re just goofing… Nobody’s up to anything serious.” And it’s true. They’re just jamming for fun, and a lot of the jams aren’t all that interesting or inspired.

This changes Death Don’t Have No Mercy. Jerry starts to get serious, and delivers a good perfornamce. The next track, a Dark-Star-ish jam, and is much better than the blues jams of elsewere. So is the Eleven Jam, which is quite good. Jerry and Phil get into a groove that they just weren’t in earlier. It’s interesting to hear the transformation.

But, the Seven jam deteriorates into repetitive chords – they’re back to rehearsing again, trying to get into a 7/4 beat. It gets better after three minutes or so.

It’s a Sin is an oldie – they hadn’t played it since May 1966, according to Deadbase. (There are some great 1966 shows.)
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